WP GDPR Fix Review

GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. It’s the global law now on the internet – and there’s a fine if not compliant. It makes sense. With all our personal information being floated out in space with the potential of being compromised, GDPR is a good regulation to enforce. Websites large and small – including …

Why Join The Women’s Connection Community?

The Women’s Connection Community………More Than Just a Community of Women   The Women’s Connection Community is a sisterhood like no other all with ONE passion…..lifting other women up. This “women-only” community is the brainchild of my mentor and friend, Layla Black, which was created over 4 years ago to provide women entrepreneurs from all over …

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  Click on the image and enoll today!   What is Infolinks? Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers utilize the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customize their own campaign. Advertising with Infolinks means delivering brand messages to engaged users. Online bloggers and website owners monetize their …

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