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PAC is a shorter way of saying the “Power Affiliate Club” which is a blogging community. If you haven’t seen us yet, go here.

Here are the benefits of a PAC Shop/Patron Member ship for just $10.00/month:

  • Promote your favorite products or services here in the PAC shop. You may list up to 10 including Affiliate products. Visitors can purchase through the direct links. Please note: Some products have more than one PAC Member selling it, therefore members are rotated and only one will earn the commission. However, you may contact the member you wish to purchase from.
  • PAC Shop Members get their own page to list all their products in one place reducing confusion in scattered promotion. It’s required to update products every 3 months. 
  • PAC Shop has a blog where members can freely write about their products and services.
  • New Members receive a copy of our book “PAC Knows – Wisdom from PAC Expert Authors”
  • You’re offered the opportunity to write for the PAC Community Blog on a monthly basis
  • If you become a PAC Expert Author, you’ll be entered into the PAC Author Pay Pool and get paid
  • Invitation to join our Facebook PAC Community
  • Connect with others, get traffic to your website

Contacts us any time with any questions you may have.

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