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Promote your business with Viddyoze and it just might be a great Idea!

I’ve been using this video software for a while now and I really appreciate those that created it.

It takes HOURS to create videos, especially ones that look professional, unique, and visually captivating. You have to have the right equipment, props, even people to demonstrate your business or products.

Nothing is more powerful than a visual representation or story of what you offer.

If you watch TV you can see how advertisements have shifted to telling emotional stories, like the car  Subaru where a woman narrates her life – school – boyfriend – marriage – kids – car accident – but safe with her Subaru car

Viddyoze lets you tell a visual story of your business. It offers a variety of video clips that you can choose from to create a visual narrative of your business. There’s an option to add music or not. You can preview your video and change colors and text to really make it your own.

It saves you headaches, time, and frustration in creating your own video intro or outro for any video you’ve made outside this program.

So you can use it to create a visual narrative by piecing together several premade video clips or just choose one for and intro.

The video clips are rich with visual topics as heath, business, food, and more. They add new images monthly and if you become a Viddyoze member you’ll have access to tons of video clips to create your business story to advertise and share.

Recently the creators of Viddyoze created “How to” videos to show customers  different ways to use the video clips for Facebook, how to make a “Square”video, and putting together videos to make a business story. These wer great tutorials and I’ve been using them since. So the creators of Viddyoze care and want to help their customers – I like that.

Something to know when using Viddyoze:

  • You should have a video editor. I use Camtasia. This is important because some social programs may reject the Viddyoze file format. What I do is upload the Viddyoze clip I created into Camtasia and save it there. Then I am able to upload it to other programs.

The below videos will give you a taste of the software.



Inside Viddyoze



So, I found this video software to be fun and it really adds to my online marketing. Try it. You can purchase it here.



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